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You Don’t Use Enough Buttermilk

You would think something as delicious and wonderful as buttermilk would be so widely used that grocers couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Mais, non. Apparently Americans have some sort of aversion to this most versatile of all the dairy products. This confuses The Curmudgeon, as it is incredibly useful stuff in a wide variety […]

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The Catbird Seat

Have you been? Good for you. What, you haven’t been? Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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You May Wonder…

You may wonder who this “Curmudgeon” person is. That is only natural. You may wonder why The Curmudgeon only refers to himself in the third person. You may wonder why The Curmudgeon seems to hate all that you hold dear in this world. You may wonder if The Curmudgeon’s parents hugged him enough when he was a […]

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