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I R srs fud police

Stupid Regulations and the Stupid People Who Stupidly Enforce Them

The Curmudgeon had occasion to stumble across this article recently while searching for useful allies in his bid for world domination and was slightly taken aback. Granted, The Curmudgeon is used to hearing about extremely stupid food-related stories out of New York City, generally involving “telling the citizens what’s best for them”. But still, at first […]

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Put Down Your Phone

Put down your phone. Right now. Put it back in your pocket, purse, fanny pack, or whatever ludicrously expensive Apple-brand accessory you use to carry that damn thing around. No really. We can wait. …Good. Now, what do you see on the table before you? Food? How about that! Imagine coming to a restaurant, of […]

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Fondant Failure

You know what The Curmudgeon has never experienced? The Curmudgeon has never woken up one morning and suddenly had the urge to eat cardboard. Perhaps this is unusual, but somehow The Curmudgeon doubts this. (Granted, The Curmudgeon has never experienced pregnancy.) And yet, countless people around the country make this exact decision every single day. This […]

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The Curmudgeon does not understand why this is so difficult. You make food? You salt it. Properly. You make bread? Baked goods? You add that teaspoon of salt the recipe calls for. Seriously, you’re worried about your sodium intake from that tiny little bit of salt that you’re putting in an entire cake? Instead of […]

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