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The Curmudgeon Reviews…Wall Street Pizzeria

The Curmudgeon and his family recently embarked on a fine Tuesday evening to one of Mrs. Curmudgeon’s favorite haunts, Sopapilla’s in Cool Springs1. However, it was on a wait. At 6:00 p.m. On a Tuesday. There is no restaurant in this city that is worth waiting for at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday when so […]

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The Curmudgeon Reviews…Caffé Nonna

The Nashville Scene recently announced their Best of Nashville 2013 edition, which is always a cause of much discussion in the area. Mostly because so many selections are made by a completely stupid, uninformed populace. However, as the Best Of Nashville has grown in popularity/notoriety, things have improved a bit. …Or have they? The Curmudgeon […]

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You Don’t Use Enough Buttermilk

You would think something as delicious and wonderful as buttermilk would be so widely used that grocers couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Mais, non. Apparently Americans have some sort of aversion to this most versatile of all the dairy products. This confuses The Curmudgeon, as it is incredibly useful stuff in a wide variety […]

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The Curmudgeon Reviews…Silo

The Curmudgeon recently had the occasion to visit Silo, a newish restaurant of “elevated southern” cuisine in the Germantown district. It’s an interesting place. And by interesting, I mean infested with hipsters. Oh sure, the décor is interesting in a kitschy southern way, with a giant faux-wicker bar header, unfinished cedar walls, and tin light […]

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And so does Benny Hill

Kelly MacLean Has Some Fun With Whole Foods

The Curmudgeon admits to occasionally shopping at Whole Foods. This is mostly for the convenience of the thing, since they have some very lovely cheeses and meats and are 5 minutes away, whereas places like The Bloomy Rind and Porter Road Butcher are 45 minutes away in no traffic and 75 minutes away in Nashville […]

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I R srs fud police

Stupid Regulations and the Stupid People Who Stupidly Enforce Them

The Curmudgeon had occasion to stumble across this article recently while searching for useful allies in his bid for world domination and was slightly taken aback. Granted, The Curmudgeon is used to hearing about extremely stupid food-related stories out of New York City, generally involving “telling the citizens what’s best for them”. But still, at first […]

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The Curmudgeon Reviews…Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish

Hot Chicken: the only uniquely Nashville food, if the legend is to be believed. Southern-style chicken quarters soaked in buttermilk and fried in gallons of Crisco on a cast-iron skillet, smothered in cayenne pepper and God knows what else, and served with naught but a few pickles and two slices of Wonder bread. The Curmudgeon […]

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Put Down Your Phone

Put down your phone. Right now. Put it back in your pocket, purse, fanny pack, or whatever ludicrously expensive Apple-brand accessory you use to carry that damn thing around. No really. We can wait. …Good. Now, what do you see on the table before you? Food? How about that! Imagine coming to a restaurant, of […]

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Fondant Failure

You know what The Curmudgeon has never experienced? The Curmudgeon has never woken up one morning and suddenly had the urge to eat cardboard. Perhaps this is unusual, but somehow The Curmudgeon doubts this. (Granted, The Curmudgeon has never experienced pregnancy.) And yet, countless people around the country make this exact decision every single day. This […]

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The Catbird Seat

Have you been? Good for you. What, you haven’t been? Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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The Curmudgeon Reviews…Arnold’s Country Kitchen

In a perfect world, people would apparently shop at Walgreen’s and we would not be told which restaurants are good by a testosterone-fueled southern dudebro who thinks that rolling pulled pork inside a sushi roll is a good idea. Despite the fact that perfect is not on the map, Arnold’s Country Kitchen, one of Nashville’s […]

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Pop! Pop!

The Curmudgeon recently had the opportunity to attend a pop-up dinner hosted by Forage South and cooked by Brandon Frohne & Co., who are about to open a new place in the Loews Vanderbilt in downtown Nashville. It was a fun evening, new friends were met and old ones caught up with, and a good […]

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The Curmudgeon does not understand why this is so difficult. You make food? You salt it. Properly. You make bread? Baked goods? You add that teaspoon of salt the recipe calls for. Seriously, you’re worried about your sodium intake from that tiny little bit of salt that you’re putting in an entire cake? Instead of […]

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The Curmudgeon Salutes: Pete Wells, NYT Food Reviewer

Mr. Wells, for your epic and well-deserved dismantling of Curmudgeon-hated idiot Guy Fieri and his new New York City restaurant, The Curmudgeon salutes you. For your evisceration of the incomprehensible menu so complete that not even the nachos escaped, The Curmudgeon salutes you. For eliciting comments that prove what The Curmudgeon always suspected but never had […]

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You May Wonder…

You may wonder who this “Curmudgeon” person is. That is only natural. You may wonder why The Curmudgeon only refers to himself in the third person. You may wonder why The Curmudgeon seems to hate all that you hold dear in this world. You may wonder if The Curmudgeon’s parents hugged him enough when he was a […]

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This Is the Post That Is First

If you’re here, it’s probably because you found something on this site that you liked and wanted to read everything from the beginning. Well, this is all you get. Ha ha! Sucker.

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